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What is Secret Computing®?

Discover new datasets, features and samples that were previously inaccessible due to regulatory or other privacy restrictions and use them to improve or create completely new models. A new data source is only an XOR Machine away. Learn how to deploy an XOR Machine and how to add new data to your model.

Inpher never sees the data

Inpher hosts the XOR Service in the cloud for ease-of-use and for accelerating computation by generating random numbers called triplets and a compiled Secure Multi-party Computation (MPC) circuit evaluated by the distributed data owners. Although Inpher sends triplets to the XOR Machines of the different players, the XOR Machines never send any data to Inpher. Learn more about the product architecture and how XOR works.

The power of privacy-by-design MPC

MPC is a fast, secure and correct way of doing computation with multiple parties by minimizing the information revealed to each party. Our whitepaper contains all the math that show why the Inpher XOR product is the leader in MPC computations. Learn more about why XOR is secure